Lauren Conrad Sunglasses

What do you guys think about these blue framed reflective lenses sunglasses by Ray-Ban?

I guess they're ok, however I'm not so sure they are a perfect match on Lauren Conrad, she looks better in big elaborate over sized sunglasses much better.

Stick to the stylish not the silly!


Lauren Conrad Best Hairstyle?

Since the dawning of time, there have been many great questions in the world, 'blonde or brunette', 'paper or plastic' and of course 'straight or flowing' hairstyle for Lauren Conrad.

Clearly she looks fabulous in both hairstyles, but which is your favorite Lauren Conrad hairstyle?


Lauren Conrad Nice White Teeth

Lauren Conrad really is on top of her game, and not only is she a stunning natural beauty, she also has very well maintained teeth.

Absolutely amazing dental hygiene and seemingly perfect straight white teeth.

Lauren Conrad, you are a special lady!


Lauren Conrad Height

Ever wonder how tall Lauren Conrad is? Me too!

So i did some research and discover the answer.

Lauren Conrad is 5 feet 5 inches tall.


Lauren Conrad Cellulite

Has anyone seen these latest pictures of Lauren Conrad, wearing pretty short jean shorts while reveiling some cellulite on her inner thighs.

This should make us all feel a little bit better about ourselves, or worse...I cant decide which.